Thursday, September 18, 2008

The L-San...

Okay! It`s not so bad as you might think. I haven`t heard from L-San in a very long time, and I have no reason to expect that she`ll contact me.
This is just a post in response to the oft-asked "can we get some L-San stories?" question. I feel bad slandering this woman to all you fine readers of the English language back home without offering proof. The following story DID NOT occur to me. Rather, I had heard about it from both Nigel and the ALT that preceeded me at my position here.

My predecessor`s first week in town, L-San asked him and Nigel to go out to dinner with her family. Nice enough gesture, right? Well, L-San, as previously mentioned, enjoys alcohol, but has a hard time maintaining her composure while drunk. Regardless, it perhaps a reason to celebrate, and celebrate she did. She had a few drinks through dinner and became very drunk. So far so good, being drunk isn`t a crime. But, then her family just...leaves the restaurant. They drove Nigel and the new ALT as well as L-San, but they just leave them in a city about 45 minutes from my town, with no explanation or anything. So the two ALTs are stuck with a drunk japanese woman who is becoming increasingly incoherent, shouting in broken English in a resaurant, drawing embarassing glances from all nearby tables.
Nigel has no idea how to get home, and his japanese skills were not as advanced as they are now. Regardless, he knows they have to start heading home, or L-San will pass out in the restaurant, and they`ll be forced to spend the night in town. Then, L-San starts trying to hold their hands, and is clinging all over them while Nigel tries to call a cab.
Eventually the cab comes, and L-San takes the front seat, near the driver. Then, to everyone`s horror, she tries to grab at the wheel, and starts to touch the driver on his legs and stuff, and make like, weird verbal passes at him. When she grabs the wheel, Nigel tried to pull her off of the wheel, and she BITES HIS HAND, and begins to call him all kinds of English curse words, and a choice couple of japanese insults (they don`t really have curse-words as such). The rest of the drive is spent with her moping and verbally berating everyone in the car, including the poor driver.
And all this was the first time that she and the new ALT had even met.
So, anyway, it sounds horrible because it would be horrible, and I had to be a bit of an asshole to avoid these types of situations myself. Lord knows the last thing I need is some 60 year old woman hanging on me, forcing me to take care of her because she`s too drunk.
That`s one.

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